Monday, December 26, 2005

Flip Rulzzzzzzzz

celso, me, adrian & sito

asian galore.. hahahaha! Posted by Picasa

More Pics

with josh, tall girl tracy and amanda Posted by Picasa

Fun Fun Fun

adrian & gf, amanda, sito, me & joshua Posted by Picasa


with sammy who's spending xmas in windsor Posted by Picasa


with good buddy dusten Posted by Picasa

amanda and sito

 Posted by Picasa

amanda & chris

sito stop ruining the picture Posted by Picasa

1:00 a. m.

i know guys, it's 1:00 am and were having fun Posted by Picasa

Kissing Joshua

josh glad to see amanda again... i really like the way magda look when she's drunk. Posted by Picasa

More Pics

me, lucy, patrick & jason Posted by Picasa

Tomas & Amanda

amanda and tommy Posted by Picasa

Tongue Piercing

amanda showing what she got Posted by Picasa

More Pics

with chris, kendra and sito Posted by Picasa

With Kendra

i'm with crazy kendra Posted by Picasa

Drunk Tommy, Goofy Darren

tommy dropped 3 glasses of drinks on the floor. not sure if he's already drunk. darren looks funny, and when magda looks like that... hmm...guess she's drunk. Posted by Picasa

NIght with The Drunkards

this is how magda, tommy and amanda (patrick's sis) looks when they're drunk. Posted by Picasa

Work Christmas Party

its not just frank joining the night. joshua and kellie had fun for ol' time sake. Posted by Picasa

Nice To See You Again Franco

me, amanda and frank. feels like its a reunion of former employees. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Joyeux Noel!!!

hi guys! i just wanna greet everyone season's greetings!

its the morning of the 24th of december here in toronto and surprise, surprise.. im at work since 7 this morning. im done by 3 pm and my co worker magda will drop me off at square one mall in missisauga. need to do a product exchange at GAP, then my cousin belle will pick me up for our family 'noche buena' at her new place.

im happy the temperature is +2 today until tomorrow but i dont like the part that its gonna rain today and tomorrow. im not fond of snow but i want snow during christmas day.

i hope i wont feel sleepy tonight. slept late last night and i woke up at 5 this morning. we are having an exchange gift (worth $30). i save myself some trouble... i got a gift card from GAP... LOL. then i brought 2 bottles of zifandel wine. the line up at the LCBO yesterday was horrible.

this year i am not giving all my nieces and nephews xmas gifts. i will just reserve the gifts for birthday time. there's just too many of them.

to everyone:



Thank you for visiting this blog.

Friday, December 23, 2005

More Holiday Greetings

Got this email from Christine the other day. High school classmates Christine & Mc Luel with their daughter are residing in London, England.

Holiday Greetings from Douglas, Anne & Alysa

Friends from high school emailed me this pics.. Jun and Me Anne with daughter Alysa are celebrating Christmas in California with Me Anne's family:

More Xmas Party Pics

Magda emailed me more pics from the party...

Jason and Lucy

Sito & Amanda

Tomas with 2 drinks... Chris on the side

Me, Magda & Kim : look who's drunk?


Red is the colour of the night: Patrick & Todd

Sam & Darren

Chris looking serious

Kim, Dusten & Peter

Thursday, December 22, 2005