Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens

yes! thats baby v!

Hmm, so that's how the Hudgens girls look like! All are dark-haired and smallish of frame (their Filipino side)! Hehe! It seems that only Vanessa Hudgens' dad (not here) is big and blond, hmm.. This photo was taken one early December morning as the girls went to Mo's joint in Toluca Lake, California to get some yummy breakfast. The High School Musical cutie is with mom Gina (at the back), sister Stella and a female family friend.

yes, she doesn't look like her mom (Filipino-born Gina Guangco) nor she looks like her dad.


this is how her dad shoooo away the paparazzis!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Gun Ban

if i have my way i would implement total gun ban in ontario. i don't care what other people think about this but after the death of this guy who was accidentally shot by a stray bullet at yonge and bloor i feel that its about time that the provincial goverment should do something about this.

as if the incident was not enough, 2 nights ago the same thing happen to a victim at broadview and gerrard. you shop at east china town and bang! you're dead. you take a stroll at yonge street for a drink and bang! you're dead!

i wanna feel safe when i go to these places coz these are the areas that i go to (yonge street when i meet my friends for a coffee and gerrard east for dimsum) and enjoy in toronto. it would be sad if one day toronto would just be like any other american city where you can pick up empty bullets on the street.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Water Horse

if you have the chance to see this movie.. go and see. very good movie, heart warming and very entertaining.