Saturday, September 08, 2007

6 Weeks With Mom

the long wait is over. at this very moment my mom is at manila international airport for a connecting flight in korea to toronto, canada. its been 6 years since the last time i saw my mom. yea im excited but im also worried about the stress she going thru preparing for her first overseas trip. 5 hours from manila to korea, a 4 hour stop over and another 12 hours from korea to toronto is not a joke. i'll be freakin tired and stressed myself with that schedule... that explains why i haven't been home for the last 6 years.

well.. i wish that she won't have a hard time checking in, locating those confusing gates and filling up the immigration forms.

guess my mom is very excited... yea, she was so excited she left her passport in iloilo last wednesday. she only find out when she was at the korean airlines office picking up her ticket... :)

TTC Not So Better Way

TTC has been a pain lately.. oh i mean most of the time. yesterday i waited at bathurst station for almost 30 mins to get a vaughan bus. it was rush hour and the bus should be there every 5-10 mins. i support public transit coz like leonardo, al gore and the rest of the bullshit.. i love mother earth!
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Company Barbeque

last thursday we had our 3rd and last company barbeque. the theme was canadian and they served burger, sausage, corn, fruits and apple pie.. now, i duno whats canadian with that. thought they're gonna serve alberta steak or something... the one before this was italian and they served some pasta. that one was ok, a lot better than the first one where they served very dry chicken breast and tasteless veggie burger.. argh! and oh.. on the 2nd barbeque, i won during the raffle.. $25 worth of gas.. hehe! so ironic since i dont have wheels...
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Monday, September 03, 2007

Wards Island

i wish i own one of the houses here at the island...

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Someone's Hungry

only 3o mins after we arrived at the island... a dam became a monster and wants to eat...

you know that chicken and wedges is so good.. only $5. thanks sobeys!

as always don loves his nap
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CN Tower View

CN Tower has a nice view from the island... adam was trying some photo tricks using my cellphone

to the left.. to the right...

this one looks better...

this one is worst
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Toronto Island

first thing we did when we get into the island.... is to take pictures!

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Lake Light

i was telling don that they need to bike around the tower if this is the first time they visit the 'lake light'.. otherwise....

yes, its haunted!

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On Our Way To The Island

i was happy we finally made it to the island before summer ends... last year was fun so we thought of doing it again this year... mark (lost his bike) and grace (need to make money) were not able to make it but don (got a new bike this summer) and erick together with adam and i had a great time at the island.

we payed $6 for a round trip ferry ride to the island. we took the ferry around 11:30 after a quick breakfast at tim horton's and grocery shopping at sobeys.

bikes everywhere at the ferry.

it was erick's 1st time to go biking at the island.

better be safe... than sorry
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Wedding, CNE In A Perfect Weekend

so far the weekend gave us nothing but perfect weather... cool breeze and days full of sunshine...

took this photo while waiting for my bus at vaughan and st claire. an italian couple is having a wedding on a perfectly beautiful day.

went to CNE in the afternoon. eat a bit (funnel cake is so yummy!), shop a bit ($15 jeans from blue notes)

then there's a performance by filipino folkloric dance troupe. my nephew is doing this traditional drums. the native dancers are almost naked and we were laughing coz one of the guy is a bit chubby.
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