Friday, August 31, 2007

Birthday Pics

these photos were taken last august 10 at 'waq 'n raq'... it was my birthday night out with my cousins. food, beer and billiards!

it was a weird night, most of them are wearing white that night...

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rainy Day

today i did nothing the whole day but do nothing.. haha! yea, i was so lazy to go out, go to the gym or do my groceries. well look at the photos below.. kinda depressing. been raining the whole day. and if the sun shines, its like 10 mins and its gone. but tomorrow it should be nice and sunny. were going to bike to the island.. yay!

and oh.. we have a new neighbour across the street.. think they're flip family... that makes them the 2nd flips in our street.

i went to our backyard and took this photo. yea, thats how bored i am... and i had eggs for breakfast and also for lunch... nothing to eat.

i was looking out of our window when i noticed that this young maple tree has a bird's nest on it. i wish i can jump over the neighbour's fence and check it out.

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Johnny Banana

its johnny banana time again.. went out to see my former co workers from the porno industry (ha!ha!.. joke)... its our 2nd time here. it was actually lucy and vashtee's resto research skills why we discovered this cool mexican resto. their drinks are simply real killer.

located at queen and bathurst

good to see tommy and vashtee again. though we miss lucy!!!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sauble Beach

when we get to owen sound, we went straight to sauble beach to join other fellas..

there's no way i will swim. water was cold.

we had a hard time looking for parking (used to be free now its $10). walking from the parking to the beach entrance was a pain.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Taste Of Danfort

last saturday we went to taste of danfort... its an annual greek festival.

greek coffee @ athena's

greek dessert

people dancing to greek music.

its manny's 1st taste of danfort

greek beer.. opps! were missing the souvlaki

manny with olive and gem

Getting There (Owen Sound)

left toronto 7:00 am....

excellent on the wheels.. that's cath!

see? no traffic!


see how talented dino is.. taking pic of himself comes easy.

after 2 stop over... finally were here... and we need to go straight to sauble beach.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Birthdays & iPhone

tired of eating flip food in cali... manny was craving for korean barbeque... and yea berna, take it easy.

it was his birthday too last wednesday. both of us are leo and likes gadgets. as you can see im holding his iPhone. hehe!

am i impressed with iPhone? hmmmm.... not too sure about that. although i think the WIFI is pretty neat.

hanging out again with gem and olive...

korean grille at queen street has the best kimchi...

am i gonna get an iPhone when it gets here in canada? i dont think so. im looking forward to get a SE W910i.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Please Don't Snack

i took this photo in a bulk store at heritage mall in owen sound... why? simply because im so so guilty with this notice. haha! whenever i go grocery shopping at dominion, loblaws, fortinos.. LOL... i cant help checking if their nuts are fresh enuf.. hehe! my faves are walnuts and almonds.
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Indie band

2 weekends ago, we saw this indie bands in el mocambo at college & spadina. the gutarist above is a friend of dino d.
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House in Owen Sound

this is my cousin's house in owen sound where we stayed for the long weekend.

the last time i was here was 5 summers ago...

my cousin belle thought i was joking when i took this photo.. haha! my niece jen was grinning in the background..
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