Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chocolate Hills

some words from our sponsors...

Spiderman 3

holy F! i cant wait to see this movie.. shooting some scenes in cleveland.

Kids Hauled Out of Classes


There is no anger laced in Gerald Lizano's words.

Instead, there's just a palpable sense of brokenness as he speaks about how his two eldest children were taken out of school mid-morning Thursday by immigration officials and held in a detention centre.

"I was going crazy," Lizano told the Saturday Sun in an exclusive interview yesterday. "How could (immigration officials) go to school and take them away in front of other students like they're criminals? ... If someone made a mistake it was me. I made the decision to stay. To me, (immigration shouldn't be able) to go to school."

Lizano, a framing carpentry foreman, is in hiding after his wife Franssella Sossa, 38, three children and parents-in-law were found and taken to the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre at Rexdale Blvd. and Hwy. 27 Thursday.

The family is being held for failing to appear at the airport Feb. 16 for a deportation order back to Costa Rica after a failed refugee application in 2001. They can't eat or sleep and relatives are concerned about the grandparents who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Lizano's oldest child Kimberly, a popular, honour roll student was in art class when she was called to the principal's office Thursday at Dante Alighieri Academy.

"The principal said she had bad news for me," Kimberly, 15, said in phone interview from inside the detention centre.

"She said a lady from immigration was here and I started crying."

Kimberly knew right away.

Just as her younger brother Gerald, 14, knew immediately what was about to transpire when he was taken to an immigration officer during lunch and escorted to a van where his family waited.

"When the woman identified herself, he started crying," said the vice-principal outside the detention centre where dozens of students and teachers held a prayer vigil for the family.

Principal Angela Piscitelli said though the experience was wrenching, "schools aren't above the law ... it was our duty to hand over the child."

The children knew of the risks because the father had braced the family for the consequences of his decision to keep the family in Canada.

But his children were doing so well in school Lizano wanted to let them finish the school year.

"I want my kids to grow up in a country where they can do better, and give them the right direction," Lizano said, seated at a kitchen table, his hands occupied with a paper clip.

"We were afraid all the time."

Lizano is no stranger to fear. The family came to Canada in 2001 because they feared they were on a hit list from drug lords.

Lizano's brother-in-law was an undercover drug cop in Costa Rica where vengeful drug dealers have been after his family, Lizano said.

"I fear for the kids. If I go back to Costa Rica and something happens to my kids, who's going to be responsible?" he asked.

A pile of reference letters from employers attesting to his hard work and citizenship remain unheard, he said, adding he spent $10,000 on legal fees that amounted to nothing.


"I'm trying my best to stay strong because of my family," Kimberly said. "I feel I have to be a role model for them."

Anna Pape, spokesman for Canada Border Services Agency, meanwhile, stressed illegal immigrants shouldn't fear keeping their children in school, saying officials removed the children to keep them with their families.

"Children shouldn't suffer for their parents' decisions," she said.

The children are scheduled to be released into the care of a family member today after a flurry of phone calls were made late last night.

Yesterday morning, two more students from Costa Rica were removed from their classrooms after immigration officials gave the mom 30 minutes to get to the school -- a move Pape said was a "breach of protocol." The family has since been released.

"We do not enter schools or use children as a measure of apprehending people in contravention of the Immigration and Refugee Act.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Whole New World

this is another wicked video.. the making of 'a whole new world' with brad kane as 'alladin' and lea salonga as 'jasmine'... think both of them are 20 year old at that time. did it '1 take'. they performed the same song at the 'oscars' and won the academny best song.

A Whole Nude World

this song is so funny.. warning: must be over 18 years old to view this video. the song contains lyrics not suitable for minor audience!

"Miss Saigon" Audition

oh my.. how old was she? With Claude-Michel Schonberg (les miserables, cats) on the piano and Nicholas Hytner(object of my affection), Cameron Mackintosh, Alain Boublil looking on...during the miss saigon audition. the future singing voice of 'mulan' and 'alladin' nailed it and got tony award for the role.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rainy Weekend

the forecast was right... gloomy weekend... here, i found some rain buddies... this creepy thing is actually a good dinner for my aquarium fish. come to think of it...

Friday, April 21, 2006


one afternoon while enjoying the afternoon sun during our break... tomas came with a brilliant idea of taking photos of our shoes...

my shoe.. classic converse. this is my fave sneakers, close to the feeling of wearing slippers.

vashtee...she likes it sexy.

tomas shoe, he likes black shoes..

lucy shoe, black puma.. she always keep it nice and clean.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

this is where i go to hear mass on sundays.. ok, not every sunday but whenever i can...located at st. claire west. i took this picture late afternoon of easter sunday.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shit @ Work 2

look what i found today... i'm not gonna pick up this shit...

Easter Weekend

jane and andrea at the family easter party...

Tiger The Cat

twas horrible this morning on my way to work. saw a body of a cat ran over by a car along ossington street. this reminds me of 'tiger' my cousin's 17 year old cat...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Austria No. 1 Among Sexually Satisfied

Austria No. 1 Among Sexually Satisfied - Yahoo! News

yay! im glad canada is # 3. haha! but how come the bottom 5 are all asian countries?

Shit @ Work

some interesting sights you can see at my work place early in the morning....

half filled bottled water and a chewed tomato

bread crumbs

more crumbs

pill (birth control?)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

SMS Post

Its past 6 am. While the rest of the christian world is observing black saturday. Im off to work.

Friday, April 14, 2006

SMS Post

I discovered this new way to blog thru text. Hope this one is working.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Little Tibet Restaurant

lat wednesday i met my friend amir for a long overdue dinner appoitment and tax fix. since both of us like good food i thought of trying something different like a tibetan food. i am fascinated with delai lama, i like the movie '7 years in tibet' so why not try tibetan food. located on the west end of the trendy queen street, this restaurant is the 'bomb' not only because of its nice ambiance but great! great! food...

"T. Momo" tibetian steam bread - this bread reminds me of 'siopao' bun. t. momo is made of whole wheat.

"Tse Tofu" - organic tofu with beef and mixed vegetables

tibetan hot sauce - this will definitely be added to my hot sauce collection. simply 'hot' without the salty taste.

"mindha" - an all nantural rice and dried fruit dessert originally served in monasteries in tibet. reminds me of 'suman' my mom makes.

was lucky to get there at 4:30... just in time that the place was empty. had the chance to take all this photos.

"tibetan herbal tea" blended herbs & flower tea used by tibetan healers to relax the body and to relieve stress.

my empty soup bowl. i could have ordered 'large'

"tentuk" tibetan favoutite soup, handmade noodles and slices of beef, garnished with fresh spinach and coriander. instantly became my fave soup beating thai soup 'tom yun gong' & filipino soup 'arroz caldo'

"momo" tibetan most popular dish. steamed handmade beef dumplings served with seasoned greens. its kinda like 'siomai'

Thursday, April 06, 2006

American Idol, April 5

Hey ifred,
What's up?
Did you watch American Idol last night?? It's so sad that Mandisa is gone!! I thought she would stay for a little while longer. I was surprised on who was in the bottom 3 last night.... I really didn't expect Elliot and Paris to be there!! It looked more like Ace, Bucky and Katherine was the group that would be in the bottom 3. I don't like how America has voted!!!

my reaction:
you dont like the way america voted? aren't you glad were canadians? LOL... i dont pay that much attention to the show anymore. it was on my tv last night but it a bit boring this past few weeks. i bet that chris dude guy will win.

Instant Message Conversation

kendra: i totally freaked out a few wknds ago. darren and i had been iming all day long and the conversation topics were well, you can imagine.

then i went to the printer and there printed out, was our whole conversation from all day long. (it was like 8 pages) i thought that someone IT or something had printed out my shit.

as it turned out, it is pretty easy to fuck up and accidentally printed your im conversations.

ME: who printed?!
kendra: me! darren was shitting his pants when i asked him if it was him.
ME: oh i thought someone printed it? holy!
kendra: ha ha ha haah!

ME: darren is like that.. he always over reacts! LOL
kendra: yah. + it was the first time i saw him actually care about something.

ME: hahahaha.... next time lets play punk on him. LOL
kendra: he got me good on april fools. he told me sam wasn't in cuz she got canned.

Sugar Coated

i was talking to my friend at work catching up whats going on with school as both of us are part time students. she goes to ryerson university as a design student (i go to seneca at york univ for industrial pharma). last weekend they have a fashion show to show their creation... titled 'sugar coated' held at ryerson university. anyways, here's a part of our chat conversation over AIM:

kendra: so have you gone to the new starbux at strachan?
ME : oh not yet.
kendra: shit. you don't drink kawfee do u?
ME: nope but i like their teas and apple cider.
kendra: i love their coffe. they kick the liberty cafe's ass.
ME: haha. back home in the philippines we never had tim hortons but star bucks is in every corner so im kinda used to their product i even like their place its more relaxing and u can study.
kendra: yah, and free internet. that is a dress from the fashion show on sat. i love it. here's my dress.
ME: oh nice!
kendra: but, for the record, the model needed bigger titties!
ME: haha! how do you describe the dress?
kendra: it is made out of peau de soie satin and is a fitted dress with cut outs around the neckling neckline.
ME: are you into this material? how do you source your material?
kendra: the fabric? after work on a saturday when I m exhaused i hit queen street and look for the cheapest possible. my inspiration came from Stain glass of the scottish interior designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife.
ME: how did you come across this artist / designer? from school? or personal readings...
kendra: yah, from school. and then i did a report.
ME: if this dress will go into mainstream, how much do you think it will cost?
kendra: hmm...i woudl use silk instead of polyester satin and charge $125.

"i would have to say that I learnt a lot sewing the dress but I m sick of looking at it.
and i hope it enjoys the back of my closet. ha! ha!"

- Kendra Barry

Saturday, April 01, 2006

mobile blog

since this mobile blog works now. Does this mean i have no more excuse not to update my blog?
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