Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello 2008!

happy new year guys! to my friends and family in the Philippines, i know you guys have the usual crazy loud fire crackers and tons of food ( and drinks of course!). to you guys in the west coast.. well we will have our countdown ahead of ya. hehe!

i've been off for over a week now and sad to say i'm back to work wednesday, im glad i had this long vacation. didn't really go anywhere, just here in the city, see some friends for dinner and the usual get together. watched 'i am legend' last night, blah! its a bit waste of $12. my family has a new year's eve get together tonight but i'm going to see some friends instead.

there's a lot to be thankful for the year 2007. been really a good year, lots of good things happen which gives me enough enthusiasm to see what's in store for 2008.

i wish everyone love, happiness and most especially good health for the coming year... life is good!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

hi guys! i would like to greet everyone the best of the holiday season. for those of you who visit this site often or once in awhile.. may the spirit of christmas be with you all. for my friends who doesn't celebrate christmas... a very very happy holiday.

a friend of mine share this thought about christmas the other day... "a season to gain weight and make you spend money"..... hehe! of course he was joking.

again! malipayon nga pascua!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

B-Boy Baby by Mutya Buena ft. Amy Winehouse

this is my current fave track from ex sugababe mutya buena. this song ft. crack head amy winehouse. too bad the album of this UK born filipino-irish is not yet released in canada.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mr. Greek

last tuesday, all R&D chemist went fot their annual holiday lunch. since they always have it at 'mandarin buffet', this year they decided to have it at 'mr. greek'.

the service was so disappointing. it took us 30 minutes to get our drinks. they didn't serve enough bread for a starter

main course came like almost an hour after to think that we already pre ordered our choices

although the rest of the choices were ok... my team lead Vilay and i made a not so smart choice of getting shrimp linguene in marinara sauce instead of typical greek food (would have stick to my fave pork souvlaki)

even our dessert wasn't good. i cant find any mango taste in this mango cheese cake (their tiramisu was excellent)

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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Day After

its beginning to look a lot like... more than just white christmas

26 cm of snow pillowed greater toronto area. rushton road at 7 this morning

on my way to st. claire west avenue to catch a bus

good luck my friend. you can leave your car and ski your way to work

delays everywhere... planes, bus, street car, subway train
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007


this is our kitchen in our new apartment. photo from my nokia 6300, not as good as my SE W810 (completely useless now, but that's another story).
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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bye Florida

its tuesday and time to go home to a feezing toronto. we drove from ft lauderdale to miami. at the airport, geraldine and i were chosen randomly for a special inspection. it was a bit of a hassle but the aiport personnel were very courteous.

for a short 3 day vacation. were saying goodbye to florida sunshine, saw grass mall ( i got good deals for puma shoes and caps), ihop and dennys (i love this breakfast place), pollo tropical (we can't find pollo loco so we settled for this place) and the crazy drama at walgreens.
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Florida Beach

while enjoying the sun, food and drinks. pegions and seagulls are always ready for some free meals.

i love florida. where else can you go for a 3 hour flight and suddenly its summer

though the water is a bit cold during this time of the year, still good enough for us to enjoy
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Sheraton Clipper Hotel

photos taken from our hotel room

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geraldine and maria walking the along miami

tourist everywhere... nice weather makes me feel like i just wanna stay here

you can see the house of fashion designer gianni versace where he was murdered by andrew cunanan (unfortunately a fil-am).
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Fort Lauderdale Beach

the beach front of our hotel is great.... fort lauderdale is not as crowded as miami, which i really like.

andrea is having a great time with her brother branden

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the past few weeks has beeen crazy busy for me... last weekend we finally moved to a new house apartment. me and my house mate are staying in a nice basement at st claire west area... though were not so happy with our wireless internet connection, guess its better than nothing.

the weekend before the big move, me and my cousins spent 3 days in florida to get some vitamin D... as you guys know, toronto is frigid cold these days.

we stayed at sheraton clipper hotel, where my cousin got a 50% off for the hotel rooms, food and service!

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