Sunday, July 08, 2007

Keg Steakhouse

yesterday i met my 2 friends olive and berna to watch 'transformers'. awesome movie by the way. after the movie we went to the new keg steakhouse near richmond. the interior was awesome but the patio at the back was even better. the 1st time i was here was with tomas, lucy and jason for a drink. so this time we decided to enjoy an early dinner in a patio...

i ordered a keg size (12 oz.) grilled sirloin with asparagus. only well done for me.. i hate seeing bloody juice while cutting my meat.

olive had an 8 oz sirloin. i was enjoying her mashed potato. haha!

berna got the same thing and i was secretly happy that she doesnt like mushroom. coz i inhaled all the stir fried mushroom in seconds.
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after an hour of biking we finally get to the light house. my friend don was finally relieved and stopped complaining...

since i didnt bring my cam, i settled taking this photo using my W810i. nice over view of downton toronto.
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More Biking Pics

more biking pics from the long weeked.. taken last july 1st canada day...

thats my friend jay enjoying the ride at forest hill area. were on our way to the bridge at ceverdale park.

i love this short bridge, nice view of the trail below. you can see people biking or just simply walking and enjoying nature.

these 2 girls from forest hill area were selling lemonade.. got myself a glass for 50 cents. they said proceeds will go to charity. LOL.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Canada Day Weekend

stayed in GTA last long weekend. mostly biking around.. i took a lot of photos but im a bit lazy to photo blog these days. i've been spending outdoors most of the time during weekends. a lot of things to do and summer is so short. a waste to stay inside the house. last friday we went to see another play called 'menopause outloud', it was actually fun but not a big time play that i would pay to see. glad it was free courtesy of a friend.
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