Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kiwi The Bird

Don posing with Kiwi..

Kiwi loves pecking my hand... he's a great bird to play with. it's like having a dog..

kiwi was wondering if eric sounds like lea salonga...LOL.. eric was checking out the new lea salonga album "inspired".

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Gee and Jamma Jamm - Pass The Mic

The other guy (black shirt) is my nephew Gerard.. i mean Gee! When he was a kid he used to be "Tam" in Toronto production of Miss Saigon.

Gee and Jamma Jamm's first hit single "Pass The Mic" Featuring Crystle, Rendl, and Jill off the upcoming album "The InvAsian". COMING SUMMER 2007!
Directed By: Gerald Soropia
Song Produced By: Gee and Jamma Jamm
Written By: Gerald Soropia (Crystle's/Gee's verse), Jamma Jamm( Jill's/Jamma's verse), Rendl Roman(Rendl's verse)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Queens Quay

such a great day to walk around queens quay. nice sunshine and cool breeze.

most of this boat are doing a tour across the centre island. usually includes dinner and cocktails.

coastguards busy with the area
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An Afternoon @ The Harbourfront

lots of high end condo buildings sorrounds the harbourfront area..

i was very close to this bird that didn't care if i that i was taking a photo. there must be something wrong with my cam phone, the photo just turned b&w. weird!

7:00 pm but the sun still shines

patios are packed with people...
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Lemme Show You Somethin

i was a bit confused with this guy, he was showing some trick.. not sure if he's just bored or he's paid to do this...

he's actually holding a chain with a fire at the end... i cant seemed to get the fire thru my cam phone...

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Evil Dead The Musical

i like diesel playhouse. they usually host small off broadway shows. its size creates intimacy with the audience.

the play was cheesy in a good way. well it was meant to be cheesy. imagine "scary movie" meets the play "spamalot".

i didn't even get to try this nachos. i ate rice at pho hung in spadina. LOL! Me and my rice dishes...

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Evil Dead The Musical

diesel playhouse reminds me of music museum in manila, much bigger though. we ordered drinks and nachos while watching the play.

playing at diesel playhouse, bluejays way downtown toronto. this is the 2nd play i saw at diesel playhouse. the 1st one was so forgetable that i can't even remember the title anymore.

really cool crowd! photo taken during a 10 minute break.
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pet Cuisine @ Woofstock 2007

Woofstock... a festival for dogs!

doggie day care booth

if you are from greater toronto area, you may want to check pet cuisine. they give $5.00 off on grooming services. Check their website Petcuisine online. They have 2 locations in downtown Toronto. The owner is my friend so... they should give discount. Look for Chris and tell him I'm your friend. Hehe!
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st. lawrence market was so busy this weekend, thanks to a perfect weather and woofstock.

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More Woofstock

people are lining up for a free treats

so good to see pet owners are having a great time while their dogs are socialize with other dogs at the same time.

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i had a great time walking helping my friend giving away fliers for the pet store and at the same time chit chatting with dog owners and taking photos of their dogs.

i had a hard time taking a photo of this dog. even the owner can hardly get his attention.

this is one of the biggest dog i saw at the festival this morning. definitely he's enjoying all the attention he's getting.

this guy was sending sms when i asked him if its ok if i take photos of his greyhounds.
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