Saturday, June 02, 2007


condo and townhouse are growing in GTA like mushrooms... question is.. is it worth to get a condo or a townhouse rather than a dettached house. of course there's a price difference there, but i guess it depends on the lifestyle of the buyer. i took the photos below while waiting for my bus on my way to work one morning at kipling subway station.

above is a construction of what i believe phase 3 or 4

the convenience of its location is one of the selling factor of this condo by Tridel.
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Lucy said...

when i wake up in the morning and get ready for work on channel 24 they have this Toronto real estate talk show.. they always discuss our market, where it's standing, where it's going and what people should consider when buying... you should watch it :)

iFred said...

i think i saw that one time hosted by ann rohmer (not sure if i have the correct spelling)..