Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Had a great time with little monsters tonight who are endlessly hitting our door bell.

Witnessed lots of sweet moments between parents and their cute little ones. Especially the toddlers.

And the trolls! Oh the trolls... Yea some are carrying grocery bags for goodies. We should actually have age limits for trick and treaters. Haha!

The Stockyards, Good Neighbour?

Home owners and residence of St. Clair & Keele neighborhood met last Sunday to discuss their complain against the builder and contractor of the upcoming mall at the corner street.

Families complained about too much noise and heavy earthquake like tremors that shook their houses even early morning on weekend. Falling frames, spilled coffees, and shaking doors are common effects of this string tremors.

The new urban mall is set to open fall of 2013.

Happy Halloween

Another candy giving day of the year. This guy was having fun with his costume when he candidly posed for the camera at the subway.