Sunday, July 08, 2007

More Biking Pics

more biking pics from the long weeked.. taken last july 1st canada day...

thats my friend jay enjoying the ride at forest hill area. were on our way to the bridge at ceverdale park.

i love this short bridge, nice view of the trail below. you can see people biking or just simply walking and enjoying nature.

these 2 girls from forest hill area were selling lemonade.. got myself a glass for 50 cents. they said proceeds will go to charity. LOL.

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Lucy said...

well I do hope they had a vendor permit.. lol.. I saw on the news once a lemonade stand that got shut down by the cops cuz the kid didn't have his government licence..

iFred said...

haha! lucy im sure they didnt have one. bubt the lemonade was really good!