Saturday, April 08, 2006

Little Tibet Restaurant

lat wednesday i met my friend amir for a long overdue dinner appoitment and tax fix. since both of us like good food i thought of trying something different like a tibetan food. i am fascinated with delai lama, i like the movie '7 years in tibet' so why not try tibetan food. located on the west end of the trendy queen street, this restaurant is the 'bomb' not only because of its nice ambiance but great! great! food...

"T. Momo" tibetian steam bread - this bread reminds me of 'siopao' bun. t. momo is made of whole wheat.

"Tse Tofu" - organic tofu with beef and mixed vegetables

tibetan hot sauce - this will definitely be added to my hot sauce collection. simply 'hot' without the salty taste.

"mindha" - an all nantural rice and dried fruit dessert originally served in monasteries in tibet. reminds me of 'suman' my mom makes.

was lucky to get there at 4:30... just in time that the place was empty. had the chance to take all this photos.

"tibetan herbal tea" blended herbs & flower tea used by tibetan healers to relax the body and to relieve stress.

my empty soup bowl. i could have ordered 'large'

"tentuk" tibetan favoutite soup, handmade noodles and slices of beef, garnished with fresh spinach and coriander. instantly became my fave soup beating thai soup 'tom yun gong' & filipino soup 'arroz caldo'

"momo" tibetan most popular dish. steamed handmade beef dumplings served with seasoned greens. its kinda like 'siomai'

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