Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rainy Day

today i did nothing the whole day but do nothing.. haha! yea, i was so lazy to go out, go to the gym or do my groceries. well look at the photos below.. kinda depressing. been raining the whole day. and if the sun shines, its like 10 mins and its gone. but tomorrow it should be nice and sunny. were going to bike to the island.. yay!

and oh.. we have a new neighbour across the street.. think they're flip family... that makes them the 2nd flips in our street.

i went to our backyard and took this photo. yea, thats how bored i am... and i had eggs for breakfast and also for lunch... nothing to eat.

i was looking out of our window when i noticed that this young maple tree has a bird's nest on it. i wish i can jump over the neighbour's fence and check it out.

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