Saturday, February 17, 2007

Free Long Distance From Jajah

Initiate a regular phone-to-phone call with JAJAH at
Between registered JAJAH users telephone calls are free of charge. I am already registered, so effectively we can talk for FREE. Even before you register you get 5 free minutes. No download, no installation, no headset.

FREE calls between JAJAH users
Calls between JAJAH users are FREE under the following conditions:
* You and your friends have to use mobile or landline phone in Zone 1 (USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong) or a landline phone in Zone 2 (mainly Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Taiwan)
* Your friend's phone number must be registered with JAJAH
* Your friend's account must be "active" (an account will become inactive after two weeks of no operation, ie. a free call, a cheap call or sending a text message)
* You have not exceeded the FAIR USE policy: 1000 minutes a month, 300 minutes a week, 60 minutes a day

I've been using this and I must say its a good quality voice call for free.

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