Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and most especially to my mom!

Mom, thanks for your important lessons in life. For being a good example of how one can be independent, leaving home at the age of 20 and move to a bigger city was a big task. You never hold me back but instead you supported me all the way. For showing me how to handle money. Hehe! I always admire how you make both ends meet no matter how much you have in your pocket. That it doesn't matter even if we dont get to buy new clothes and toys as much as we want as long as there's always food in the house. For showing us how to be friendly and nice to everyone and do whatever we can in helping others. For reminding me that relationship is more important than material things...For your sense of humor despite having a tough time. The importance of education. For showing me how to practice the virtue of patience and most of all forgiveness.

Happy Mother's Day too to my Aunt, Tiyay Chichay! Thanks for spoiling me when i was young. Haha! For not minding having to squabble with my mom as long as I get what I want. Not to mention reprimanding my oder bro coz its always his fault and not mine. Haha!

And to my landlady in Makati, Mama Idad. For being my 2nd mother in Manila. Ma, I miss your "Nilaga" every Sunday, fried tilapia, and all your other recipes. Its been 6 years, hopefully I will see you when I have the chance to visit Manila.


Lucy said...

awwww Alfredo.. that is so freaking sweeet :)

iFred said...

yea, coz i used to be a little devil!