Sunday, March 30, 2008

TTC Workers, Worth A Million?

dear TTC,
please don't go on strike this april 1st. your 2.46 million daily riders won't be able to go to their distination without your trains, buses and streetcar. you always claim that you're "the better way". i guess not all the time. remember may of 2006? it was only 2 years ago. i like the way you threat the goverment / public about your possible strike. i wish you will remind yourself that a part of peoples money (that include the tax i pay) goes to your salary and benefits.... and oh just to let you know that your job is not among the worst in canada and i bet its better than that guy working at tim horton's (remember you usually stop your street car and let passengers wait just for you to get your morning coffee).
bus#512, bus#63, westbound train, bus#44 passenger

st. claire ave. west
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