Sunday, September 18, 2005

Great Weekend

it is indeed a fun and busy weekend. after i finished work yesterday i met my friends manny, berna and olive. we had dinner to celebrate olive's birthday (september 6). while having dinner at a korean barbeque in downtown toronto, manny's beeper beeped. poor guy, he's on call at st. mike's hospital as a cardio nurse. so he left while berna, olive & i are feasting in a korean buffet.. we junked the plan of watching a movie and decided to head to manny & berna's place at davisville to chill. berna prepared a tea, made lumpia (filipino spring rolls) and played a filipino-chinese movie "mano po 3". i got bored with the movie and instead i concentrate on the food, geez that magnolia ice cream (cheese with sweet corn flavor) made my night. around 9 pm, i need to leave to go to a co-worker's (vashtee) end of summer party.

today im supposed to go to costco with my friend jay, something came up and he couldn't make it. blessing in disguise coz my room mate misplaced her costco card and she couldn't find it. i guess that "balikbayan box" can wait. it's so beautiful outside that i wish summer will never end. good timing that i was chatting with my friend josh, he invited me to come over for lunch. so i left home and took my ass to king street and enjoyed a yummy vegetarian lunch.

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