Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Night

its almost 6 pm and i just woke up from a nap smelling the aroma of my house mate's "nilagang baka" (beef veggie soup). i got home around 4 from work feeling i need a power nap. i actually fell asleep watching john bon jovi doing his charity works at "oprah". on my way home i was debating with myself if i will visit my friends shing & ging, they said they're gonna make an 'ilonggo' dinner. hmmm... that sounds really yummy but the temptation of staying at home after a nap is stronger, not to mention my house mate's preparing dinner. well, i might end up staying at home, check my notes for tomorrow's class in microbio and watch 'you think you can dance?'

this morning, i was glad that i got an early appointment with my endocrinologist for monday. i have a scheduled appointment with her this november for my regular thyroid check up. im kinda worried coz since last week im having 'difficulty in breathing'. i hope this is nothing serious, i am tired of this endless saga of my thyroid illness.

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