Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Agony Of Thyroid Illness

i just wanna share this letter posted from the online support group that i join. hopefully, some of you who are reading this blog in a regular basis will understand a little bit more about people with thyroid illness:

Hey everybody. Hope all are well. I was wondering if anyone out there
whos had hyperthyroid and had radiation treatment and is on synthroid
had problems with no hormones...This is serious...what can I say its
starting to destroy my marriage of seven months...I know I know the
first year of marriage is always the hardest but things are just
horrible right now...I dont know if I can take much more stress. Also
has anyone had problems with getting their thyroid straightened out?
Its been almost two years and its still not level. I take my meds but
it continues to fluxuate regularly? If anyone could help I would be



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