Saturday, November 26, 2005

Movie Tix

got pissed off last night. went to yorkdale early after work to get tickets for 'rent' the movie.. just to find out that tickets for the 7:10 pm showing is already sold out! this thing also happened last saturday. we were so excited to see harry potter just to find out that all tickets are gone for the day at eglinton centre.

were trying our luck again tonight.. but this time manny and berna are getting the tix earlier for harry pot pot! if something bad happens... i duno what to call this series of unfortunate events...i'm gonna curse all this MOFO theaters in toronto.

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Angelo said...

Have you watched Rent?

I'm SO looking forward to see it but I'm NOT sure if it'll be shown here. It really sucks! I'm sure a LOT of Rentheads would be pissed.

As for HP4, I've seen it like three times already. I just love, love, love the scene where the Beauxbaton girls and the Durmstrang boys enter the Great Hall.