Saturday, April 07, 2007

Black Saturday

after feeling guilty of going to a bar last night, i went to attend an easter vigil mass at the church near my place. the church is half empty, i guess most catholics prefer to attend easter mass on sunday rather than attending the anticipated vigil mass. besides, its -5 C outside and it makes one feel to just stay home and chill.

it was a solemn vigil. the celebration started with lighting of candles, then the church was glowing with candle light for about 30 minutes. i was a bit sleepy when we put off the light. imagine, almost an hour of darkness inside the church. hehe! but it was a good feeling though. i've been missing a lot of easter mass for the last few years, not to mention mass for christmas. how evil can i get....

happy easter to whoever read this blog! how did you celebrate easter?

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