Monday, April 23, 2007

Lost And Found

i should have blog about this sooner.... i just wanna thank to whoever honest torontonian who found my mobile phone and return it.

i was having coffee with friends at starbucks at church and wellesley when i left my phone on the table. heading to young street i realized i dont have my cp. twas very funny coz i gave my bag and jacket to my friend, yelled 'ring my phone and dont stop calling!'.... then i did a hundred meter dash! got there, then man sitting on the table told me 2 guys picked up the phone... then i went downstairs feeling hopeless... i asked the barista if someone returned a cp... bingo! i got my baby back!

whoever you are.. thanks a bunch! im glad honesty still counts. i mean you could have easily sell an open line SE W810i, but you prefer to do one good deed!

1 comment:

iCadian said...

Wow that's great that you got your phone back! ;)