Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Weekend

i cant believe were getting a snowy holy weekend. im not complaining though coz we dont really have a travel plan so it doesnt matter. just wondering what's gonna happen to the easter egg hunt this sunday. LOL.

holy week here in toronto is a far cry compare to the observance we do back home. here, its just another excuse of canadians to have another long weekend, go somewhere or just stay home to sleep or doing chores.

i didnt plan anything this week, i didnt even go out last night. it was a cold night anyways. after work i went to LCBO get our official family wine (zifandel, wild vines). i had a bit of a drama at the pharmacy when system rejected my health insurance info. manulife insurance sucks! hehe! its not that $15 of thyroid drug is a big thing. im just lazy to mail this claim ya know!

have a holy weekend guys! and meat today, so abstain!

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