Thursday, October 20, 2005

Box Is Almost Done

yesterday was my lucky day at dominion. yay! i found a 'nescafe' (200 g) for $2.99! i took 9 jars right away.. LOL.. i know, this balikbayan box thing makes me feel so ghetto. but who cares, momma will be happy. besides, its my 1st time to send one. also, the other day i bought chocolates at zellers. what else will i buy to my dollars worth... but i guess enough after this weekend. all i need now is that merrel shoes my brother wants and maybe a purse for my mom. after that.. balikbayan box craziness is over!

later this afternoon, i will go to york U straight from work. i have midterm exam for my micro and i need to study. yea i know it sucks... i don't like exams.

1 comment:

Eric & Alma said...

what will be my pasalubong from ur balikbayan box? :)