Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy (Canada) Thanksgiving!

so i decided to work today for 4 hours. i realized i need money for that 'balikbayan' box and i really want to see 'les mesirables' next week. but geez! that was the longest 4 hours over time.. ever!

we had our family thanksgiving dinner last night at markham hosted by my cousin felipe. food was great and almost everyone was there. they just bought this new house and it is very nice. the backyard was nice and big. they can even have a swimming pool if they want.

we spend most of the time eating. it was also the birthday celebration of my uncle and my two cousins, rose and quintin. we gave them the 'magic mic' karoke set as a gift... but the most fun part last night was drinking and playing black jack with my cousins... yay! i won $2.. LOL.

ill have another dinner tonight with a friend's family. off tomorrow and back to work wednesday.

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