Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Trip To L.A.

last night i got 2 missed calls of unknown numbers. i had a feeling that its either from my uncle in L.A. or my aunt from Chicago. after a careful thinking, i decided that i am not going to los angeles next week. for the following reasons : i have midterms next week (micro), it's too late to ask my boss at work for a vacation leave, free ticket doesn't mean zero spending ( i am saving for a bigger vacation), my aunt's poor communication (she likes calling me when i'm at work or at school), i only allow myself 1 vacation a year (went to san francisco & hawaii last april), had to see les miz on the 25th.

on the other hand. i will miss the following: warm sunshine of los angeles weather, be able to see my uncle & aunt (especially), to shop for free, go to nice filipino resto in LA area, be able to see classmates from san agustin and ateneo, side trip to las vegas.

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