Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Les Miserables

saw 'les miserables' at canon theater last night here in toronto. ticket for this play is a bit pricey but its so worth it. been wanting to see this for a long time and i won't let this opportunity to pass by without seeing this play. i am not 100% familiar with the story but im pretty much acquianted with the songs. as a matter of fact we have the video of the 10th year anniversary in london, england. so here's my piece of review with the play and the actors (sorry, need to compare it with various recordings i've listened to - OLC, OBC, 10th anniversary):

randal keith as jean valjean - 3.5/5 - good acting but vocal wise, he failed to impress me especially with the song 'who am i?'

robert hunt as javert - 4.5/5 - yay! im so impressed with his solid voice and good acting. he could have played the JVJ.

joanne almedilla as fantine - 4.5/5 - i was complaining why she's casted as fantine coz the role is kinda short for her talent. now i know coz among the female cast, she's the one that can belt it out. her 'i dream a dream' is smooth, emotional with a belting kick at the end.

adam jacob as marius - 4.0/5 - not comparable to michael ball but his voice is charming enough as marius. his voice gets shaky and sounds funny in some of his songs with cosette but i guess that was his style.

melissa lyons as eponine - 4.0/5 - as a well loved character of the play, she gets to sing the popular stirring ballad 'on my own'. spunky and street smart, melissa acted the role very well. although she sounded 'lea-ish' (lea salonga) sometimes, her rendition of eponine songs are different from the past eponine (shimada, ruffelle, gibson, salonga, etc).

leslie henstock as cossette 3.5/5 - i've been listening to leslie's songs from her latest album. guess her cossette is ok. can't really say much, i think her cossette is boring...

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duan said...

Hope u enjoyed the show. I guess it's only natural to compare the current performers to those in recordings... My favorite line-up shall always be the 10th Anniversary Concert cast! Haha